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Fishing tackle shops .org.uk are here to offer you a variety of course fishing tackle and fly fishing equipment at very competitive prices, an example of what we can offer you with our next day delivery service on your course fishing tackle and fly fishing accessories, we have some fantastic deal on our waders,seat boxes, fishing chairs,fishing poles, waterproof fishing gear, carp rods, spinning rods, fly rods,feeder rods, as well as all day fishing shelters for the uk weather, we also have all the important umbrellas, fly line`s , fly`s, fly rods and fly reels all under one roof ready for instant dispatch. click on the carousel above and see what bargains you can find.


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There are three main types of fishing, sea angling, coarse fishing and game fishing, both coarse and game fishing is done in fresh water, all fresh water fish apart from trout, sea trout and salmon are coars fish. The fish species anglers would like to catch run into the hundreds and there is more than one technique to catch these. Fishing in the sea is free, all other fishing you are required to buy a fishing licence, fishing season opens in March and ends early November. Game fishing is my guilty pleasure, there is not alot better than being outside with a fly rod and catching a Trout / Salmon. Spinning and fly fishing form the basis of most of my salmon catches, spinning rods, the kind more widely used for salmon fishing, are usually 8-10 foot in length, fishing tackle shops is here to provide you with same fantastic deals.

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At fishing shops.org.uk we are also here to help you select and assemble the correct tackle. fishing lines, rigs and tackle accessories to help with your fishing success.

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Its always good to visit your local fishing tackle dealer to get some Usefull Information from him, they have many a fisherman popping in and out and they will talk with the owner of the tackle shop about where they have been fishing and what baits they are using to be successful. Always ask the tackle dealers advice on your tackle choice, and always quality Items which will last and make your fishing adventures easier. When looking for your fishing tackle make sure you are happy with your choice and you will be confident when you start fishing. Line and fly accesories when fly fishing is also another big choice, please take in the good advice of the shop staff and they are selling these lines on a daily basis and know what will work with what rod and reel, Fly boxes are essential for safe storage and transporting of your artificial flies. Always dry used artificial flies before returning to the box. Hook sharpeners are a very accesory to keep with you while fishing to keep your hook point of your flies sharp, sometimes you may only get one chance to hook that double figure fish. Importany tackle accesories I never forget to take with me while fishing are: Landing net, essential to land hooked trout that would treaten to break your leader if lifted on the rod. Forceps to remove the hook from a fish mouth not to cause it any harm, scissors or snips to snip line and trim the loose ends of your knots. A priest to kill your fish as humanly as possible, a marrow spoon to scoop out the stomach contents to see what the fishi has been feeding on, a rod bag or rod tube to protect your rod, my tackle bag to transport all my tackle and spares. I also like to wear my fishing waist coat as I can store lots of bits and pieces in this and dont forget your peaked cap and polarized glasses to see the fish in the water.




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Buying the perfect Fly Rod

Fly fishing rods have been manufactured from fibre-glass, carbon fibre, boron and cane, this is the case for most fly rods with the exception of a couple of specialised designs, fly rods can also vary in length with an average of 6 ft and 10f long. A modern fly rod in this day and age, balanced and using the correct lines can cope with several different situations. It is also a well known fact that a single rod would struggle to cope with every set of circumstances it may meet. Ideally you would use a more powerful rod to throw your fly out across an exposed reservoir, where as if you wanted to present a tiny dry fly to a small river or stream then you would use a much lighter rod. Before you purchase a rod please decide what typr of fishing the rod would be used for. What ever fly fishing tackle you are looking for try us today for some fantastic prices.


Buying the perfect Fly reel

The main pupose of a reel is to hold the fly line and enough backing line, It should never be larger than what is required. A single action reel is the most popular reel type, some single action reels are fitted with an adjustable drag system which can be used to increase and decrease the resistance. Multiplying reels are nomally geared that each turn of the handle will rotate the drum more than once, these reels are more expensive to buy than the single action reel, fishing reels should be cleaned regularly and retained in a reel case to protect from any knocks. To but the perfect fly reel all depends on where you are going to fish, a small trout stream would not require alot of fishing line so a small fishing reel would be ideal, where as fishing a resevoir you need the option of being able to cast out quite far so a larger reel to hold more line would be the best option.


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